The Best Accounting Software For Small Law Firms In 2023

Standalone legal accounting software is ideal for small firms or practices that have other software in place that can’t handle the firm’s accounting needs. Fully integrated legal software suites will include accounting features along with other important features like practice management and time and billing. Finally, there are also comprehensive solutions that incorporate both practice management and legal accounting features.

That said, when considering features, it’s also important to think of your goals both in the short and long term. A cheaper solution might offer a quick fix for one problem, but you’ll be back to the drawing board when the business experiences unexpected changes or growth. Law firms have always faced an uphill battle when it comes to managing their finances. Unsurprisingly, having to deal with a combination of all these factors can eat away at precious time that would better be spent on clients. Wave makes money through our optional, paid money management features include online payment processing, payroll software, and access to personalized bookkeeping services and coaching through Wave Advisors. From keeping up-to-date on earnings to tracking expenses, find out what’s making money for your law practice and where you can cut costs.

Wave is cloud-based, and gives you the ability to add mobile apps so you can securely access your accounting software and financial information anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on a break at the courthouse or traveling to see clients, your financial info is at your fingertips. Yes, many accounting solutions offer integration capabilities with other legal management tools and software, providing a cohesive and streamlined experience. Law firm accounting software can potentially automate the creation of invoices, tracks billable hours efficiently, and allows customization of billing rates. Many law firms use QuickBooks for their core accounting, but acknowledge that QuickBooks does not follow the rigid Trust Accounting rules.

We have provided you with some fantastic software; choose the one that matches your needs. Trust accounting is an essential and efficient way of gaining the trust of your client. Although it seems easy, trust accounting comes with lots of rules and duties. You must know how to maintain accurate records, and you should have an idea of your state guidelines.

More Useful Software for Law Firms

You can also simultaneously be more accurate and productive when it comes to law firm financials. But as with any technology you choose for your firm—it’s important to carefully vet your options first. For attorneys, accurately tracking time is a key part of an effective law firm billing process to ensure you capture every minute of billable work. Whether you’re using a PC or a Mac for your legal billing, with Clio and QuickBooks, lawyers have multiple time-tracking capabilities that they can use on both mobile and web apps. This is where accounting software that integrates with your legal practice management software can prove especially useful.

  • What’s most important is that you get the details right so that you can stay compliant with ethics rules and help your firm grow to its full potential.
  • It also reports everything about your tax and adds it correctly on your financial report.
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing your financial information is backed-up and secure.
  • However, beyond making the payment and reconciliation process easier, the ability to easily create customized invoices and flexible payment schedules can also lower the chances of non-payment.
  • ProLaw is a comprehensive legal software solution designed for law firms, government agencies, and corporations.

Interestingly, tax deductions can ease the burden when used correctly—yet not all lawyers are up-to-date on their tax deductions. Many lawyers go to one or the other extreme—they either claim everything (and possibly more than they’re allowed to), or they’re so afraid to overstep they miss out on tax deductions. While it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of accounting for law firms, you still aren’t an accountant or bookkeeper.

Client information syncs securely and easily

Clio even integrates with word processing software, so you can create and edit docs with familiar programs and save them to Clio with one click. Clio is practice management software for case management, billing, accounting and client intake to support your firm’s practice at every stage of the client journey. Without a fully-integrated accounting solution, it can be hard to get a clear picture of your firm’s financial performance.

QuickBooks for lawyers saves you time and makes you money

If you want your firm to stay compliant, be financially successful, and grow, you need to have an accurate and clear bookkeeping system for your law firm to follow. This could mean taking on bookkeeping tasks in-house or hiring a professional bookkeeper with experience working with law firms. An accountant who specializes in accounting for law firms is beneficial. Your best bet is likely to hire both a legal bookkeeper and a legal accountant.

These two tools take care of everything from tracking revenue and expenses to billing clients—especially when you use them together. We selected PCLaw as the best overall all-in-one law firm accounting software because it offers everything you need in one package. Consider what you need, and seek out accounting software that fits those needs. PCLaw is a Law Practice Management Software (LPMS) developed by LexisNexis. The software is primarily designed to facilitate lawyers in tracking matters, cases, time, and billing in one consolidated platform. Its chief aim is to ensure that lawyers receive appropriate compensation for their time spent on each client.


TimeSolv is a full case management solution, with project management tools that let you set milestones and create a budget you can share with employees and clients. You can collect and store client payment information upfront, so payment is automatic and you don’t have to ravelry chase clients down over unpaid invoices. We searched and searched, but we couldn’t find any products
in our database that match your criteria. They’d be happy to provide a list of
free the best legal accounting software recommendations
that meet your exact requirements.

Poor accounting practices, such as struggling to track billable hours or sending out invoices late, can lead to money leakage. In the cutthroat world of business, you can’t overstate the need for efficient financial reporting and management. Accounting software is a game-changer in this regard, offering a slew of benefits that can significantly boost your business’s operational efficiency and financial health. While the software has challenges, it remains a solid choice for small businesses looking for an efficient and reliable accounting software solution. Starting at $27 per month for businesses, the pricing for QuickBooks Online increases to match the additions of features and users. However, there are offers for new customers to choose between a 30-day free trial or a 50% discount for three months.

Key pointers for your practice

Moreover, this software can integrate with the external programs that include Xero and QuickBooks Online. Users can also export their accounting data to other software by using the accounting export feature. Its Scheduler lets you schedule consultations and review cases for conflicts of interest.

Perfect Practice

All accounts include a free login for your accountant, unlimited training, free data migration, unlimited file storage, and an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee. You can also schedule invoices to be generated and emailed at certain dates or intervals. Emailed invoices have a Pay Now button so that clients can pay online with cards or bank transfers.

Despite these issues, ProLaw still stands as a valuable tool for legal practice management, with its ability to streamline operations and improve efficiency. While there are some areas for improvement, ProLaw is highly recommended software for law firms of all sizes. For all the professionals looking for a cloud-based all-in-one solution, the Zola Suite is the best option. It is one of the best accounting software for law firms as it comes with all advanced features.