What is Embedded Finance and how it will change FinTech

We invite you to sign up online today for access to Hydrogen’s embedded finance platform. One example of a company that uses cards to streamline payments is PayPal. Users have the option of linking their PayPal account to their bank account.

Although some financial institutions operate with channel partners, many are accustomed to serving end customers directly. Those using direct channels will need to build a new set of capabilities to support distributors in selling embedded-finance products to their consumer or business customers. According to our estimates, the market could double in size within the next three to five years. Until a few years ago, offering these services required a large investment in resources, time and technological development. These integrations are now easier than ever thanks to APIs – sets of instructions that connect two pieces of software to each other to facilitate the exchange of messages or data.


Platforms may in time begin to renege on the current model, in which BNPL payers charge merchants and assume the risk of collection. For B2B embedded ACH, we anticipate that platforms will see just under $4 billion of net revenue from value-added services related to ACH in 2026, compared with less than $0.5 billion for enablers. Incumbent financial institutions face the threats of shifting economics and adverse selection with this new value chain, but they can also realize tremendous growth if they identify where to play across specific vertical segments. Our partners provide complementary services or functionalities, helping you to deliver embedded solutions.

Embedded finance platforms

A PYMNTS survey of 2,124 US consumers shows that while two-thirds of consumers have used FinTechs for some aspect of banking services, just 9.3% call them their primary bank. Platform Accounts Payable Management Supply Chain Finance Utilize 3rd-party funds to optimize your working capital and offer early payments to suppliers. A user doesn’t even need to remember to transfer money to their account, as the app takes care of that. Their portfolio is automatically adjusted based on what the market does, so an Acorns user doesn’t have to pay attention to the values of stocks or mutual funds. If you have an embedded finance use-case, it is highly likely the Railsr platform has the APIs for you to build it and realise your ambition. In Pakistan, we are targeting over 134M underbanked consumers and 2.5M MSMEs.

Embedded Finance: What It Takes to Prosper in the New Value Chain

They are approved for more financial services and on user-friendly terms. Stand out from competitors – Offering financial services improves the product offering, vertically scales the platform, and helps it stand out from competitors. In embedded finance, A digital platform, an embedded finance infrastructure company , and a financial institution like a bank or NBFC cooperate to deliver value. Investing becomes more accessible when an app with embedded finance services allows users to add to their portfolios on their terms. BNPL. A BNPL offering gives customers the chance to pay for goods or services in installments at the point of purchase. Deferred payments usually come in four installments, paid within 12 months.

A few banks and fintechs, including Cross River Bank and Banking Circle, fulfill both of these functions. Automate your trading, create your own services, or connect investing with existing interfaces. Start trading more than 8,000 global stocks and ETFs through our free paper environment today.

For example, if you are seeking to improve customer service and satisfaction, an embedded payment could be one method to explore. A BNPL model could make goods or services more accessible to certain customers. Embedded insurance could make it easier for you to become a one-stop-shop concept. But in order to pick the right solution, you first need to understand your needs. In Embedded payments, involved parties can integrate payment infrastructure and create a manageable payment flow within a platform or app.

Embedded finance platforms

Consumer payments, or merchant acquiring, enables merchants to accept payment from their customers across payment channels and methods . For most software programs focused on small and midsize businesses , consumer payments are typically one of the first financial services to be embedded, given the friction those customers face in setting up payment acceptance. SmartPay Rewards, a mobile app for gas stations and convenience stores, offers customers discounts and rewards in exchange for using its embedded bank account payments tool.

You should be questioning any potential embedded finance partner about whether they have the necessary capital, staff, and infrastructure in place to grow with your business as you scale. The top embedded finance companies have the necessary infrastructure in place to scale with you as you grow. Our Accounts Receivable Management platform can be easily white-labled to offer invoice finance and B2B credit management to banks and other financial institutions.

What Are Embedded Finance Platforms?

And these are both different from the buy now, pay later trend that’s happening in the finance space. Embedded finance is about enabling non-fintech companies to include financial services or finance products in their own digital products. It makes buying products and services faster and easier for customers, while providing opportunities to streamline back-end processes for businesses. A third option is for a company to work with a business that focuses on embedding the required infrastructure into its product or service. Platform ecosystems can quickly expand due to an increasing number of transactions and payment processing, which may reveal a need for outside financial services.

  • That can help you do things like save for retirement, make a budget, and transfer money.
  • Therefore, it’s quickly become a baseline service that users expect.
  • Investing in the right capabilities will ultimately lead to opportunities to serve the new value chain in multiple ways.
  • Power the success of your commercial clients with tailored financial experiences for businesses of every size.
  • A value proposition that drives e-commerce and encourages brand loyalty.

AI technology creates customized funding options for the client to choose from. Customer Credit Assess and monitor the health of your customers and instantly modify their credit limits. A transformed employee experience with quicker recruitment, higher retention rates, more overtime take-up and better financial wellbeing. People do not dream of car loans, they want an amazing car buying experience .

As a result, our platform enables brands to simultaneously deliver rich experiences at scale. Sources data from a core banking system, custodian, CRM, accounting platform etc. These various systems of record are the authoritative data sources consumed real-time or via batch upload by the DFS for orchestration. With more companies acting as financial companies, financial providers will need to become more accustomed to sharing customers with non-financial companies for services only they used to provide. Embedded insurance at the in-store checkout has been around for some time, but fintech has facilitated its spread to digital marketplaces. Embedded insurance is useful because it’s offered when and where people need it, with no need for a separate engagement with an insurance company or agent—and sometimes with multiple competitive options.

They have experience in your specific vertical

With our platform, all the complexity has been taken care of and our technology is built to be seamlessly integrated into your world. Our immediate capabilities and touchpoints allow you to get moving at speed. We are guided by a vision to enable Financial Wellness for people and businesses excluded from the traditional systems.

Embedded finance is having a moment – TechCrunch

Embedded finance is having a moment.

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That can help you do things like save for retirement, make a budget, and transfer money. Over a quarter of people with US bank accounts have, and we’re growing internationally as well. Third-party embedded finance providers like Unit use Plaid to safely and securely gain access to the financial data they need to create and fund new accounts, plus gain deeper insights into things like balances and transactions. It’s as if Plaid turns on the stream of user-permissioned financial data to these companies, then they transform it into embedded finance products and services.

Expand financial offerings

One example isAcorns, a program that invests people’s spare change by rounding up purchases. Therefore, you only need to integrate a single API and manage a single commercial agreement, freeing you up to focus your super valuable time on your customer, your value proposition and your customer experience. Neem has been founded by a global and diverse team Best Upcoming Embedded Payment Trends of serial entrepreneurs, technologists, and operators. We have built, run, and invested into purposeful fintech businesses globally. To do this, the underlying enabler will pay the e-commerce platform immediately at the point of sale, with a small discount. From there, the platform takes all the responsibility of recovering payment from the customer.

Embedded finance platforms

Shopify Pay, which allows users to save their payment information for later use, is a prime example. By making the checkout process four times faster, Shopify Pay increases checkout-to-order rates 1.7 times—showing that added convenience plays a significant role in preventing consumers from abandoning their cart. Embedded finance is a huge opportunity not just for fintech companies and businesses, but also for consumers.

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Embedded Insurance refers to the bundling of insurance within the purchase of a product or service. For example, Tesla offers auto insurance at the online point-of-sale and also as part of in-showroom https://globalcloudteam.com/ purchases. Embedded Insurance companies offer transactional APIs and technologies that allow insurance solutions to integrate with mobile apps, websites, and other partner ecosystems.

Embedded finance expands how businesses offer payments and financial services by integrating directly within B2B applications, platforms and marketplaces. Businesses can improve stickiness and enhance their tools by providing users with real-time credit tools and the ability to decide when they pay and get paid for products and services. Embedded finance providers such as Unit and Checkout.com do the legwork of building partnerships with banks and creating APIs to help companies quickly add on services like banking and payment cards.

Opportunities for Embedded Finance

Velocity Invoice FactoringUse the world’s No. 1 factoring platform to boost cash flow within 24 hours. How It WorksHow FundThrough WorksDiscover how easy it is to get fast funding for your business. Calculate your working capital lift and savings by utilizing Supply Chain Finance. Funding Partners Join our trusted funding network to help fund supply chain finance programs for businesses. Collections Outsource and automate invoice payment collections, verifications and cash posting. By 2026, platform revenue will more than double to $14 billion, with take rates remaining largely flat.

We are committed to giving our clients more freedom and peace of mind with a proven solution that helps eliminate friction, unleash their possibilities with new revenue, and make their customers’ lives easier. Embedded finance is when nonfinancial service providers utilize financial tools or services within their programs and applications. These embedded services could include payment processing, insurance, and lending.

Complementing our DFS® Platform, our wide range of industry-shaping marketplace partners offer seamless access to complementary data, services or functionality. Tom is a fintech industry writer who creates whitepapers and articles for Plaid. His work has been featured in publications like Forbes, Fortune, and Inc. He’s passionate about the freedom that the union between financial services and technology can create. One of the most notable examples of digitization is in the fintech sector, particularly how traditional businesses engage finance on a new level by integrating financial mechanisms into their overall business plan. The era of embedded finance is taking hold, and with an estimated market value of over $138 billion in 2026, it’s clear that it’s not just a financial fad, it’s the future.